Top 10 help desk software

This is probably my last post on help desk software. Today I’ll discuss the top 10 help desk software. I will try to give a little help desk software comparison also. But bear in mind the post isn’t about the comparison of software. Rather I will give you an overview of the products and compare them in para. So let’s just get started with the post for top 10 help desk software.

What is help desk software?

A help desk software is simply just not software. It’s a complete solution for business, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), employee management, and more. A perfect help desk software can ease all your business problems and help to grow your business faster. I’ve talked about help desk importance in another article. Read that for a better understanding of help desk software.

Top 10 help desk software best

The software here is chosen to keep two things in mind: affordability and services. Help desk software best for money and great services are rare in combination. Still, I tried to give you a basic idea about it. The top 10 help desk software I’ll discuss today are:

  • Zoho Desk
  • Freshdesk
  • Freshservice
  • Zendesk
  • ManageEngine
  • Happyfox
  • Cayzu
  • LiveAgent
  • Jira Service Desk
  • Hubspot

The listing might not seem perfect to you. But I put my effort to make it up to you about the top 10 help desk software. So feel free to give me feedback via comment or email.

Zoho Desk

Zoho offers a lot of software for businesses. Their help desk software is one of the best of all. It is best for fast-growth businesses. The plans of the Zoho desk are also affordable and comes with many free services. The multi-channel ticketing support is one of the best features of it. Zoho is my favourite among the top 10 help desk software for small business.

Speaking of features, the Zoho desk comes with a lot of support in it. The AI assistant, API with built-in integration, flexible integration with other Zoho services, and more. Besides the analytics and reports in the Zoho help desk is worth noting.


Freshdesk is one of my favorite help desk software. Because of its wide popularity, its services are also very good and professional. It is best for small businesses. You will get 21 days of free trial with it. So it’s worth trying. I’ve covered Freshdesk in another post about the best help desk software for small businesses. You can read that too.

Other than that it is one of my prioritized help desk software among these top 10 help desk software for UK, Australia, and small business.


If you are running an IT company, Freshservice is absolutely for you. It is from the same parent company as Freshdesk. So you can understand by now why I’m recommending this to you. It also comes with a 21 days free trial like other Freshworks (parent company) services. But unlike other services, it has no free version.

Freshservice does a great job with SLA management and, internal asset and inventory management. Besides the service list, it is user-friendly with interactive visualization. And it can integrate with other Freshworks services seamlessly. So if you are involved in IT, fresh service is a better option for you.


Zendesk is suitable for small businesses. I don’t recommend you using zendesk if you are new to the helpdesk. And there are several reasons behind it. Firstly the UI is not well furnished. For beginners, it is not a simple UI to start with. But for intermediate or professional I extremely recommend the software. That’s why I out this in my top 10 help desk software list.

Because Zendesk supports many customizations that its competitor doesn’t. One reason that I recommend this software is pricing. Zendesk chargers less than its competitor but offers a lot more services than them.

Although you have to buy the Highest plan to get all the Support services. But the basic plan starts with just $5 per user per month, which is very affordable. So if you want help desk software that allows you a lot of customization and affordable you can go with Zendesk.


The features of ManageEngine are not wide as its competitors. But it is easy to use and easy to set up. It offers you free masterclasses which will helo you getting started with the software. Its ticketing software is very good also. I recommend you buy this software if you run a small to medium-sized business. Among small business help desk software I recommend using this one.

As I said its service is limited to its competitors. So its reporting and analytics aren’t that great and user friendly. Besides the doesn’t provide Service updates frequently like others. But they listen to their customers. Fo if you get and query or any new feature request, you can ask them.

The bottom line

Every software discussed here is awesome. The top 10 help desk software discussed here are extremely customizable and feature enriched. You can choose any one of them depending on your need. I recommend you going through more reviews before concluding. If the software meets your demand both in price and features, go with it. Although my post title refers to the top 10 help desk software, I talked about five here. In another post, I’ve provided information about the rest of the software. You can read it here.