Dragon Ball Legends APK Mod Menu

The nicest thing about our Dragon Ball Legends APK Mod is you will get unlimited Chrono crystals. Besides with our DB legends Mod APK you are getting unlimited money, coins, gems, and crystals. The Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK unlimited Chrono crystals and coins only available with our mods. So read the topic carefully to get Dragon Ball Legends APK mod Chrono crystals and more mod features.

App information

Name Dragon Ball Legends
Offered byBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment inc.
Updated on12 February 2012
Released dat21 May 2018
TypeFree (contain in-app purchases)

Dragon Ball Legends APK overview

Dragon Ball Legends is an epic DB anime RPG game. This game has exciting 3D fighting action visuals and animations. This game is produced by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Dragon Ball legends is the 6th top-grossing game in the play store gaming section.

Dragon Ball Legends APK mod menu
DB legends mod apk with mod menu

Dragon Ball Legends are also popular for its original story-based gameplay. Unlike other anime-based games where the appeal rests in cards or medals of your favorite characters but Dragon Ball legends give you a full 3D battle experience.

The game is mainly based on the lost Saiyan by the name of Shallot, who woke up to find himself a participant in the Tournament Of Time. As we know that the game is based on the original storyline, the author Akira Toriyama has kept some other new original characters like Zaha, Giblet, and the Mysterious Man.


Dragon Ball Legends is an anime-based combat action game. For this reason, this game requires one player to assemble a team in a definite form. And the form is ‘ Z- Power’.The main aim of the game is to defend the strongest title.

And to determine the strongest after the end of the Tournament Of Power, King Kai hosts the Tournament Of Time with legendary warriors from across the time.

Game Modes

The Dragon Ball Legends game Modes are pointed out here briefly. It will help you better understand the game.


Like the other multiplayer game, the Home features of Dragon Ball Legends also display the player and the leader of the team.


The menu tab is the main operating part of the game using this you can select the different Modes and many more other features. After accessing the menu tab one can find the features like:

  • Adventure: By using this feature one can do a certain amount of tasks for money within a limited amount of time.
  • Customize: Taping on the customize option will lead you to the customization of the characters like clothes, super attack, and transformation, etc.
  • Mission: There are 24 hours in-game, Z mission, and time-based limited events.
  • Events: Some events will give all sorts of items needed in the game.

This event is mainly based on three categories:

  1. Recommended
  2. Story
  3. Upgrade

These features also help to upgrade the level of the fighter quickly and smoothly.

  • Training: Training your character will help increase the level quickly as all the characters in the training list are playable.
  • Co-op: This feature is based on two players. You and your teammate need to team up real hard to fight against the tough opponent. This will also help in the good coordination and understanding between you and your mate.
  • Shop: like most other games you need to spend real money to buy different accessories. In the shop, you can also exchange your item for the exclusive one.
  • Friend: Acces to know the information of in-game friends and communication.
  • Status: Tap to see your current in-game status like levels, accessories, weapons, etc. It also displays the player name, player ID, titles, and all sorts of information related to the character.
  • Items: After accessing the items option you can look up the items you got and collected in the game by completing different tasks and events.


There is some part of the game which is subordinate to some chapters. The name of some parts are:

Book-1: Shallot
Part-1: The Saiyan who crossed Space-Time

The story progress with the clash between Super Saiyan Goku and Legendary Super Saiyan Broly.

Book-2: A New Encounter

If you want to master this game then you have to complete all the levels carefully and always try to defend the strongest title.

Dragon Ball Legends APK Mod v2.19.0

Dragon Ball Legends is a very popular anime. From a great anime now it has Released a game based on dragon ball. As it is a great anime it is also a very popular game. People who follow dragon ball Anime surely would love to play this game and they are playing and thus it became popular. Dragon Ball Legends was released on May 17, 2018.

The game Dragon Ball Legends is available on all platforms. Today we are talking about Android and ios. Dragon Ball legends consist of very realistic graphics, so Anyone who plays this game will love the game. This game is an Rpg game. Every character of Dragon Ball Legends apk mod is animated 3D.

Every character here posses different in-game characteristics. The controls here are very easy. The Smoothness helps to play the game with ease. The Game Has a lot of versions You can find one in the google play store But here the one we provide is slightly different. The one we provide is Dragon Ball Legends apk mod menu.

Some factors of mod Dragon Ball legends APK mod menu

Here we provide the best features for the game. We Are here to help you so that you don’t have to grind too much. We provide the Mod version of Dragon Ball Legends apk mod for free. Here you will find Everything unlocked. You can easily enjoy All the premium features. Dragon Ball mod has an unlimited amount of resources.

Dragon ball legends apk mod contains Enormous resources. Dragon Ball legends mod menu is the optimum choice. The gameplay here is butter smooth. Dragon Ball legends mod menu features are every premium item for absolutely free. Dragon Ball Legends Mod menu gives the best advantage by giving you all the valuable resources and No other player can surpass you. Dragon Ball legends mod menu ensures a very smooth lag-free gameplay. Not only in gameplay but also with All the resources.

Every resource which is found in-game is maxed out in the Dragon Ball legends mod menu. The dragon ball legends mod menu takes less time and gives more opportunities. Dragon Ball legends Is mainly a popular RPG game. It is a great game to enjoy and play.

More about DB Legends Mod APK

All the New and Old characters of Dragon Ball Legends are added to the game. The main motive behind making this game was to give a realistic feeling to every dragon ball fan and With the help of Dragon Ball legends the developer ar successful. Dragon Ball Legends Mod menu apk is the best choice to be the best. To make grinding easy download Dragon Ball legends mod menu apk.

Dragon Ball legends Apk mod is a very popular game. This game is A RPG game. The mod that I have provided is the best you can have. Let us see what are the benefits you will be getting by using our mod.

A mod of a game is nothing but a modified game. Here the valuable resources which are hard to find are Maxed out in the Mod apk. So by which you won’t have to grind so much just you have to enjoy. In mod apk, everything is Modified like every resource is infinite or unlimited.

DB Legends mod APK Android

We have three different mods for DB legends for android. You can play any one of them. I suggest you playing a mod by Yeowang as it comes with a mod menu and no black screen issue. The details are stated below.

Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK Hokage242

Hokage242 is a modder of Dragon Ball Legends. The Dragon Ball Legends APK, Hokage242 offers is relatively reasonable at playing. The offerings of the DB legends mod apk by him pretty decent. It contains anti-ban like any other mods. You are getting a one-hit-kill using this mod. Besides, this mod of dragon ball legends also completes all the battle challenges for you. Another underrated feature that the mod offers is one turn win the match.

You can play this mod on android only. The modder doesn’t support ios devices. Another drawback of the app is, it doesn’t support Android 10 devices. You can only play it below Android 10 devices. Additionally, for playing on PC you can use BlueStacks or Nox. The version this mod offers currently is v2.19.0. This new version of Dragon Ball Legend Mod APK has fixed the problem of the game crash issue after every match.

Mod Dragon Ball Legends by Yeowang

Yeowang is another modder of Dragon Ball Legends. The best thing about Yeowang’s mod of Dragon Ball Legends APK is Modified Menu. You will get an in-game option or menu to control your mods. You can avail yourself of the option to off or on the mod while playing. But there is waiting while enabling or disabling the mod option. Don’t use your mods while you are in tutorial mode, use it while playing with your opponent.

The mod also offers a one-hit-kill which left your opponent jaw opening. You are also getting god mode with this app. You can avail of an instant win by clicking back to battle after pausing the game at any time during the battle. Furthermore, all challenges are completed in this dragon ball legends mod menu. I recommend you using this mod if you want an in-game mod menu for controlling your mod options.

Dragon Ball Legends mod ios

Right now we have no Dragon Ball Legends mod ios available. But we are working on building one. So if you are interested in our mods, bear with us few more days to get Dragon Ball Legends mod for ios. In the meantime, you can check this website for Dragon Ball Legends mod ios. The claims to have DB Legends mod for ios. Although I can’t give you a 100% guarantee for this website Since I haven’t examined the site.

Features of Dragon Ball Legends APK Mod Menu

Our mod comes with numerous features. Starting from one-hit kill to unlimited Chrono crystals. You will love playing our mods so much. We are providing three different mods here. Lets talk about some of their key features

Dragon Ball Legends Unlimited Chrono crystals

The Dragon ball Legends Chrono crystals is one of the rarest things you could find in-game. Here the Chrono crystals are modified to the max. It is great to have A rare item like a Chrono crystal. With the help of Dragon ball legends Chrono crystal, you can buy many characters many rare or legendary characters. The use of Chrono crystal is so much in dragon ball legends.

Infinite crystals

Unlike the Dragon Ball legends Chrono crystals, the crystal is also a rare item but not as rare as the Chrono crystals. The resource crystal is Also modified and it’s maxed out in the game. With the help of crystals, you can buy crates tickets and many more.

Unlimited Energy

In the dragon ball legends game to play every match, we need to use energy. So in a normal game, you can easily finish the energy by playing some matches however with the modified game version of ours you can easily grind All day long.

Live PVP match

Normally you will never find a live match or you can’t play online however with our Mod apk it is possible. And it is great to grind much faster without spending a dime on the game. You can easily max out a game in like 1 day. And you can start having fun with everyone.

Anti Ban

We have added new technology to our game. The technology is Anti-ban. We know that previously many players got banned by using mod so here we have come with our modified version where you will not get ban because of anti-ban technology.

Infinite platinum coins

Platinum coins are very much important here in the game. Platinum coins are used to upgrade. When you don’t have enough resources for a character to max out Platinum coins help you to buy the resource. We have maxed out platinum coins in the game.

Ad-free UI

Most Importantly we see there are many ads shown in the game. Mostly the free games. And we know it is a little bit annoying. So what we did we made our modified game ad-free so there are no ads whatsoever.

Smooth gameplay

We are always working hard to give you the best experience so that you don’t have to face any trouble. The gameplay is smooth lag-free and awesome.

Dragon Ball Legends APK Mod menu Gameplay

Here are a gameplay and how-to install guide for DB Legends mod. This video is 100% mine. So you can stay connected to my channel for more exciting videos like this.

DB Legends Mod menu APK gameplay

Installation Guide

The installation process of DB Legends mod apk is not vague. It is very easy and vivid to install the mod Dragon Ball legends. But for your ease, I have provided the step-by-step guide to install Dragon ball legends APK Mod Menu properly. You are only a few steps away from enjoying the Dragon Ball Legends Mod menu APK with unlimited gems and coins and crystals. Just follow the steps properly so that you don’t face any kind of problem in installing.

Phase #1: Click on the download link and download the DB legends Mod Menu APK. The link will redirect you to the download page. Download the DB legend mod from there.

Phase #2: Install the DB legends mod APK like any other android or ios app.

Phase #2.1: If your device doesn’t allow you to install applications from unknown sources, allow that from settings. The setting is more or less like this settings> apps> allow installation from unknown sources. Just enable the option from there.

Phase #3: After you’ve successfully installed the Dragon Ball Legends APK Mod Menu, open it and give the required permissions as it asks for.

Phase #4: Now you are all set. Play our Dragon Ball Legends Mod Menu APK and enjoy the modded gameplay.Note: If you face any problem installing the dragon ball legends mod menu apk you can comment here (below the post) or contact us via email or contact us page. I’ll be there to help you.

Frequently Asked questions

Many users face trouble installing or using this application. If you are facing any problem with the game, you can read these frequently asked questions. I tried to provide every related question that people ask for. Here I also solved the issue of not having dragon ball legends mod apk unlimited crystals in the app inside.

Here I tried to include all the topics that people ask for. Furthermore, if you are facing any problem, that is not mentioned here and if your problem isn’t solved, I’m here for you. Just comment on your problem in the comment section of this post or contact me, I’ll try to help you out. So let’s discuss the frequently asked topics by the users.

Can you get Dragon Ball Legends on Android?

Why not? Dragon Ball Legends is made for android and ios. You will not be able to play it on computer or gaming console like PS5 or Nintendo switch. And with our mod Dragon Ball legend you will not only have the game but also mod menu, unlimited Chrono crystals and more mod features.

Is Android 21 good in Dragon Ball Legends?

Android 21 has a dreadful blast. Her specialty is blast shots. By one perfect shot, it can damage 60% of the opponent’s health.

What is the latest version of DB Legends?

The latest version of Dragon Ball Legend normal game is 2.19.0. It was propagated in 12 Feburary 2021. And it is the leatest version of DB legends. But version of our Dragon Ball legends unlimited Chrono crystals and gems is 2.18.0. We are working on updating the version to 2.19.0. We will let you know about that if you subscribe our newsletter.

Is Dragon Ball Legends a Chinese game?

Many people think that the Dragon Ball Legends APK is a chinese game. But this is not true. Origin of DB legends is Japan. It came from Japanese manga Dragon Balls. The related games like Dragon Ball Legends are also based on that anime series.

How do you clone Dragon Ball Legends?

It depends on which device you are on. Many android skins like, MIUI, Color Os, Realme Os and many other os supports in-built game cloning. But if your device doesn’t support game cloning, use cloning app from Google Playstore. But in this case your app might not work properly. Similliar advice goes for ios also.

But if you means “mod” by cloning, then my suggestion would be using our mod. It comes with mod, mod menu, crystals, gems, coins and many more mod features. Otherwise if you wish to clone app by yourself you need to have basic coding knowledge.

What is the strongest character in Dragon Ball Legends?

There are many strong characters in Dragon ball legends apk. SP Super Saiyan Gotenks Red one is very powerful. Other than this, Blue SP Saiyan Saga Goku, Yellow SP Piccolo, and Red SP Bardock are the most powerful. But no matter your character is strong or not if you can play properly.

Who is the rarest character in Dragon Ball Legends?

There are few rarest characters in DB legends. Super Saiyan Trunks teen, Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, Piccolo, kid Gohan are some rarest dragon ball characters. Who is the strongest Saiyan?Broly is said to be the strongest Saiyan. He is one of the legendary Super Saiyans. He is the strongest Saiyan in the world of 7.

Who is strongest Saiyan?

Broly is said to be the strongest Saiyan. He is one of the legendary Super Saiyans. He is the strongest Saiyan in the world of 7.

Is Dragon Ball Legends offline?

No! Dragon Ball Legends is an online game. You cannot play the game offline. Nor of our Dragon Ball Legends APK mod supports offline mode. So try buying some internet packages or wifi before dealing with DB Legends Mod APK.

Versions of DB Legends Mod APK

Here are some of the previous and the latest versions for Dragon Ball legends APK Mod Menu. This will be updated with future updates. So stay connected with us and grab this amazing Mod of DB legends free of costs.

Final Verdict

Dragon ball legend is an incredibly addictive game. If you intend to play the game normally, you will not get everything as per your demand. Our mod dragon ball legends help you better experience the game. It comes with a lot of unblocked facets. The Chrono crystals are tough to reap. But with our Dragon Ball legends APK mod menu you are getting a limitless proportion of Chrono crystals.

Apart from elegant features, we are also offering you mods of three different modders. Those Dragon Ball Legends mod APKs offers different mod features than the rivalry is offering. So download our mod and enjoy your gaming experience with dragon ball legends mod apk unlimited money and coins.

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