Help desk software Australia

There are many help desk software in the market right now. Today I picked the best five help desk software Australia here. The software might not be from Australia but available there. So the post is focused on help desk software available in Australia. Not help desk software origin from Australia.

Best help desk software Australia

I’ve selected the five best helpdesks here. Depending on affordability, features, and easiness I’ve done the listing. The software I’ve selected are:

  • Solarwinds
  • Kayako
  • Vivantio Pro
  • TeamSupport
  • Agiloft Service Desk


Solarwinds is the best IT help desk software. Staring at $700 per seat (annually), it is a very affordable help desk. It is very easy to set up and manage. Also, it supports a web-hosted solution and comes with a free 14-day trial.

Solarwinds free trial is not available for cloud-hosted settings. You need to download it and upload it to your server. Although you can preview the demo on the website. You will get almost everything here like other help desk software. But the SolarWinds does not track installed licenses or simple features like default reporting which is a drawback of the service.


Kayako is one of the average help desk software I recommend. It used to be a non-user-friendly software earlier. But with a new update, many of those problems have been solved. Like much mature help desk, Kayako also has an in-website chat feature, which allows users to connect with support agents professionally and effectively. Kayako also manages the chat features with an effeicient automation system.

The pricing of Kayako is also average. You’ll need to pay $20 per user (monthly) in the basic plan. If you choose a higher plan you’ll need to pay more. It also comes with a free 14-day trial which is a welcoming feature. So you can give it a try.

Vivantio Pro

Vivantio Pro is an IT service targeted helpdesk software. It is one of the best IT help desk software. Its services come with ITIL standard which is huge. Besides its asset management is also great. It was updated recently and its present UI is soo good. If you used help desk software before, you’ll like its UI. It also comes with a lot of services like Freshservice or Happyfox. The ticketing is very easy in it.

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The pricing of Vivantio Pro is a bit high. It’ll charge $72 per agent when billed monthly and $42 when billed annually. It also comes with a free trial of 21 days.

But it’s worth the money because of how the huge number of services it provides. If you aren’t accustomed to helping desk software, I suggest you not try it in the first place. Instead, try moving with a free or simple help desk software.

Agiloft Service Desk

Algiloft is A class helpdesk according to me. But one problem is like other help desk software, you need to buy an enterprise plan for unlocking all the services. Like Vivantio, Algiloft also offers a lot of features. I’ll cut it short and tells you about its pricing because of how highly it charges.

Starting from $45 per user per month it goes up to $75 per user per month for enterprise plan. Although I prefer buying a professional unlimited plan starting at $65 per user per month. But it’s better to go with enterprise if you can make a budget.

The bottom Line

There are many help desk software Australia offers. Yet you can take a look at this software as well. The help desk software I discussed here is not only suitable for the Australian. Anyone around the globe can use them and take advantage of the software. You can also read helpdesk software for small business here.