eBay partner network

eBay partner network is one of the most popular retail affiliates programs. In this article, I’ll discuss in brief all about EPN. I’ll try to cover up everything you need to know about eBay’s partner, starting from good and evil.

Sometimes it’s hard to achieve what we want but giving up? It’s never an option. Struggles are always there you can’t deny. You have to face it and defeat it with your everything. Life teaches us so many things. All this I have said these words have some purposes. The purposes are for you. We all have heard the name of the site eBay.

It’s one of the popular websites in the world. Not all of we know that we can also earn money through this website. I am here to show you how. Keep your patience, and I will show you.


Before I start, I want to give you some basics. We need to know these. If you ever thought that earning money through this kind of websites or earning money through online can’t be done. Then you are wrong. It’s 100% legit that you can make money.

But then you may ask me why everyone struggles so much? Well, you see you have to work with your brain. Proper guidance is much needed for success. If you are guided on the right path, your progress will be there for sure

Just follow us, and you will know that it is benefitting you. You will learn something new today. So let’s start. First, as I told you, I would give you some basics. If you think you have enough basic knowledge, then you can skip this part. This part is for beginners. I know there are a lot of beginners. And they don’t have much experience so I will give them the basics of this topic.

What is eBay?

Before getting into eBay partner network, we have to know what is eBay. Unlike most other E-commerce sites, eBay is no different. Pierre Omidyar is known as the founder of eBay. He founded eBay on September 3, 1995.

He achieved massive success from eBay. eBay is under the American multinational e-commerce corporation. The headquarters of eBay is located in San Jose, California and united states. The total employees of eBay are about 14000. Just you can see how big this organisation is. And there revenue up to now is about 11 billion USD. We can see how much profit eBay makes. Current stock market value or price is around 57$.

It’s an online platform where you will find all your accessories, products, consumables etc. You can choose what you want to buy. It’s a fantastic platform for both the buyers and the sellers. You can also sell something at the eBay where you can earn money by selling your products at an average price.

And a buyer can buy the product of their choice. This is one of the key reason why people like and use this website the reason why eBay is so much popular. Everybody loves eBay.

Affiliate marketing

We first have to know about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, in simple words, means earning money by promoting other companies or organizations’ products. When someone buys from your recommendation, then you get a commission. It means when someone goes from your affiliate link, then you will be getting a commission. This whole process is termed as affiliate marketing. Now we can talk about the eBay partner network.

What is eBay partner network?

As we all now know that this is an online platform. So, basically what you need? Before talking about this, let’s make you clear that what eBay partner network is. In simple words, it’s a kind of affiliate marketing. Where you have to promote, you will be earning money by promoting.

The bigger audience you have, the more you will receive. The key to success in affiliate market is to have an audience: the persons or your followers or someone who will listen to you. Remember, your audience is your power. You can promote by doing campaigns.

When someone buys from your eBay affiliate link, then you will earn your commission. If you want success, there are no tricks. Only if you are ready to sacrifice everything and then you can achieve the goal you want. So affiliate marketing has become so much popular. It’s popular because anyone can do it. It means you dont need any sort of qualification or something. But one thing you must need is that you have to be 18+ so yeah and  I know most of you who are reading this are above 18.

How to enroll?

It’s very easy to sign up. You just have to follow some easy steps, and then you will be good to go. The steps are given below:

1. Search eBay partner network.

2. You will click on the second link from the browser if you have eBay account.

3. Those who don’t have first you have to create an eBay account. Then you can sign up for eBay partner network program.

4. To signup for eBay, you dont need much information.

5. You have to give your name, email and password.

6. After you sign up for eBay now, you can sign up for eBay partner network.

7. You will be asked for a company name to give a name you like.

8. Select your country.

9. And provide some more information about your country.

10. Fill up the city, postal code.

11. Then give your phone number.

12. Select USD US Dollar for your currency.

13. Now you will see an option like not an option but a new tier, where you will see promotional information.

14. Now select the partner type you prefer.

15. Then you will see another option called property type if you have any website then you can put it there.

16. Apart from websites there you will find social networks where you can add all your social platforms.

17. If you don’t have any social account, then just untick the social platform.

18. And now check all your provided information once more.

19. After finish checking your information, click signup.

After doing all these steps, you will now have your own eBay partner network account. If you still face any problem, then you have to go through all your details and check if you have missed any. After filling all the information, you will be able to create your account.

How does it work?

We all know it’s an affiliate program. We right now know the basics. So I won’t waste your time by discussing that. So now to be precise when you signup for eBay network partner that you agree with eBay partner network. And not mention eBay will review your account. So, before giving information, check all the information you give. And after submitting you will know whether your request is approved or not. If you provide legit details, you will get approval. So, now think you got permission and everything us set. Now you have to know somethings. You have to see the commission rate. Not every products commission rate is the same. So don’t make this mistake. Now there are some categories. Let’s know what are those. The types are shown below:

  1. Business & Industrial.
  2. Collectables.
  3. Electronics.
  4. Fashion.
  5. Home and Garden.
  6. Lifestyle.
  7. Media.
  8. Parts & Accessories.
  9. Real Estate.
  10. All other.

These are the categories we will find in the eBay partner network program. Here every group has different products, and the commission is also separate. And I will provide you with a chart with all the details. So don’t worry about that. In the table, you will find everything in detail. Because there are so many of them, I will surely provide a table with all the details. So, don’t take any stress I am here to help you with everything possible.

Pros of eBay partner Network

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Now we will see the benefits of eBay partner network.

  1. The UI is excellent.
  2. The eBay partner networks landing page is fantastic. It’s so much informative, and we can know a lot just by seeing.
  3. eBay Is one of the largest organisation. Here a lot of high traffic can be seen.
  4. High traffic is always a blessing for affiliate marketers.
  5. The customer support is excellent.
  6. eBay is also famous for being one of the top online distributors throughout the world.

Cons of eBay partner network

We have all seen the advantages. But what about the disadvantages? Yes, it also has some problems. We will now discuss those. Even it’s minor but still. The cons are given below:

  1. The biggest con is eBay doesn’t pay a high commission. It pays a very low commission. Like it gives commission in between 1% to 5%. So you can see how much low it is.
  2. Secondly, the commission rate is different for every country. So you know it’s hard.
  3. There are some other restrictions. Like some have to purchase within 24 hours after clicking on your link. (affiliate link)

And this is the disadvantages, apart from this it’s okay.

My opinion

Affiliate marketing is always profitable. So what differs from every other organization? It depends on how you will do marketing and promotional stuff. If you have a big audience, then you will surely earn a lot. But if you are someone who us starter or a newcomer.

I wouldn’t suggest you start your affiliate marketing journey with the eBay partner network. Try something else to gain both experience and knowledge.

After that, you may try this one. And whatever you do, don’t think success will come to you. This doesn’t work out. You have to go to success. Be a fighter; fight everything to achieve what you want. And you will find success. Don’t give up on your dream work hard.


Always follow your instincts. If you think this is right, then it is, and if you think it won’t work out for me, then just dont. Follow yourself. Dont listen to anyone because,e at the end of the day, it’s you who have to fight for the food, not them. Affiliate marketing is something where you need both strategy and your brain. Every step every move you make, it counts.

Try to think before you make any move. It will help you a lot. But it is not for everyone. Like if you are new to this sector, then you should never start with the eBay partner network. Try something else. First, gain something later, try all of this. If you think you will achieve everything in a day, then you are wrong. You will regret it. Before starting anything, do your homework and practice. After doing all this, you can start with a boost. I wish good luck to all of you. May you all get success.