HR Management Software for Small Business

There is a wide range of HR management software for small business available in the market. Today I’ve talked about 10 of the best HR software. Keep in mind that my listing might defer from others in many ways. But I found these to be best to mention.

Examples Of Some Best HR software for Small business Canada

After many years of user experience with HR Management software for small business and feedback from the user, we placed some HR software for small business Canada in front of you.


BambooHR is the wholesome combination of HR facilities at a recommendable price. It also appreciated for its user friendly interfaces, easy to get up and running with open APIs features. And one of the best HR software for small business Canada and HR management software for small business worldwide.

SAP SuccessFactors

Though there are many big companies in the market but most of the companies are rather medium or small. We recommend SAP SuccessFactors because it is focused on small and medium business types. It is very useful for small and medium size business for its intuitive setup wizard and video tutorials and also extraordinary tracking features.


If we are asked to categorize the best HR management software for small business, a Deputy would be one of them. Deputy is around software for HR solutions with a higher number of user ratings. It satisfies the clients need with its extraordinary features like an extensive third-party integration system and remarkable mobile solution.


Gusto is very popular with people who are indulging in small business types. Gusto provides the best HR software for small business Canada, grouping with the facilities like strong customizable reports, payroll setup, processing, all time friendly support. Gusto is blessed with a good name in the automation sector and excellent user experience ratings.

Cezanne HR

Cezanne HR is also a very popular HR management software for a small business solution provider with a great price. It achieves user satisfaction because of integrated benefits and payroll, handles functions like personnel files, directories, and org charts, and most interesting features of global support over 10 languages and currencies.


Zenefits can be a better option for someone who has the thirst to get all the facilities on one platform. Zenefits provides a bunch of HR management software for small business, together in an easily manageable platform.

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Zenefits has the features like comprehensive benefits administration and exceptional plan-building functionality, it keeps thorough employee records, it has an exceptional employee mobile app and it has some mobility towards strong business intelligence (BI) reporting. Use Zenefits HR management software for small business here.


BerniePortal is a user friendly HR software for small business Canada. A solution provider which covers the set of a function of small to midsize business (SMBs) needs. BerniePortal has the easy accessibility of setting the program and also easy to find out the problems. It is also a good HR management software for small business.


Like the BerniePortal, Namely also have the targeted clients of small to medium business (SMBs) . It offers the features like comprehensive Human Resources (HR), payroll, and benefits solutions. Its unique strong employee Management and performance review features make Namely popular with the user.

Sage Business Cloud People

For those who have large business and enterprises, Sage Business Cloud People is best for them. Because it is expensive for small business types. But quite affordable for large businesses and enterprises. It is customized and designed for multinational companies with a bunch of unique features and 24/7 online and phone support. Sage Business Cloud also has good support and integration with third party payroll vendors and it is built on top of the Salesforce platform.

APS Online

Last but not least APS Online can be a perfect HR management software for small business solution partners for small to midsize businesses (SMBs). According to the user experience review they always complained about their complex using process. If you can overcome the using process, its rich user plan will give the smooth experience of the HR software solution. Among the key facilities, it has payroll functionality and highly configurable mobility.

End note

After analyzing all the data you can pick up the right HR management software for small business or your organization. These are highly recommended HR software for small business Canada. Read also> CRM Software for small business here.