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Types of HR Software for Small Businesses UK 2021

There are several types of HR software for small businesses UK in the market which provides the service based on some key features. For the development and demand of your organization you just need to pick the right HR systems for small business UK for your company. For your betterment we are presenting a brief description about the types of HR software for small businesses UK.

Human Resources Information System ( HRIS)

For the productive growth of your company HRIS plays the most crucial role. It single handedly Manage the key features of the HR systems for small business UK, like storing employee data, managing payroll and benefits, recruiting and tracking applicants, maintaining regularity and legal requirements etc. A HRIS software is designed as the central database of HR software.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Employees are the most important thing for a company. A company profile can be increased incredibly because of potential employees. And in this section, ATS comes with a huge responsibility. It is a recruiting software, which helps to recruit employees from beginning to end. It also keeps the data of the hiring process and handles the task of posting job openings to multiple job boards. Apart from these ATS also manage applicant’s data and helps to match the potential search.


Onboarding software plays a vital role in HR software for small businesses UK. It generally helps to introduce the new employee to the organization. It tracks the training data, electronic signatures, pre-boarding packages, employee questionnaires, and other automated function to ensure a company-employee smooth and productive relationship.

Performance Management

A performance management software is always needed for the company HR managers and employee to track and set their working goals and companies achievement.

Employee Engagement

This software helps to interact more by giving some coaching tips, daily notification, feedback of the work, and wider data analytics to uphold the spirit of the company-employee relationship. There are the must have features of HR systems for small business UK for a good HR software for small businesses UK.