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Email marketing is a top-rated service. Content creators, bloggers, and many companies use email services to stay connected with their users.  They send promotional offers, news shelter, information, etc. using email services. Along with email services, email marketing provides many more things. Today I will talk about leading six companies in business and email marketing along with their affiliate programs.


Region: worldwide
Commission rate: $250-1000 per sale.
Refund policy: None
Cookie tracking period: 90 days

With more than 70,000+ customers from all around the world, HubSpot is one of the best CRM marketplace out there. It established in the year 2005. HubSpot provides free CRM services, which is the best thing about it. This free CRM service allows you to do almost everything. But features like automated bot support and many more are restricted. And there come to their premium subscriptions. You can easily affiliate for those programs.

Joining in HubSpot affiliate is effortless. But make sure you identified yourself as HubSpot affiliate. They usually are not heavily restricted to rules. But sometimes you might get deauthorized for breaking the rules. So read their program policy properly. Besides, their product promotion is usual as other company’s affiliate programs. To promote your user about Hubspot and generate a large amount of commission.

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You can earn up to $1000 per referral in HubSpot. They have a starter growth suite, professional growth suite, and enterprise growth suite. You can earn $250, $500 and $1000 respectively from those three suites.

Hubspot affiliate pros:

  • High Commission rate. No refund policy means you earn instantly when user buy using your referral
  • Dedicated affiliate team for support and help.
  • Informative dashboard to track referrals, commissions, etc.
  • A large number of promotional merchandise.

Cons of the program:

  • No recurring commissions.
  • The referral is not available for any other category other than the starter, professional, and enterprise growth suite.

Best email marketing services, including an affiliate program


Region: worldwide
Commission rate: 30% recurring.
Refund policy: Based on application.
Cookie tracking period: 1 year.

Crm software

Aweber is an email marketing platform. It was established in the year 1998 by Tom Kulzer, the founder, and CEO of Aweber. Ever since then, AWeber is gaining the trust of 100,000+ users and business associates. AWBer’s opt-in process feature, split testing feature, and reporting functionality makes it superserviceable and user receptive.

Aweber’s email marketing feature, is admirable. It will give your 30% commission for not only your referred user but also a 30% recurring commission. So every time your referred users pay their monthly bill, you earn a commission. Not only that, but you also will earn a commission every time they upgrade their package.

Aweber’s promotion is super manageable. You will get a referral link with your referral ID. Send the link to your user bases. Once they accept your referral and join AWeber using your referral link, you will obtain commission. You can share the link via website posts, linking in the youtube video description, sharing in Facebook posts, and other means of user base yours that you possess.

Pros of the plan:

  • Unique tools for email marketing, which persuade user attention to enroll in their program.
  • High commission rate with recurring commission.
  • Cookie tracking of 1 year ensures your more possibility of getting the commission.
  • Advanced dashboard with support of link tracking, sales, etc.
  • Smart assistant to guide you on how to prosper in promoting.

Cons of the plan:

  • An insignificant amount of templates that fluctuate users from using AWeber.
  • Application-based refund policy: means you will not get a commission if your referred users asked for a refund and got approved.

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