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Have you noticed that some website have chat option on them? Also they allows you to contact them via email, phone call, sms or address. Did you ever thought how all those things they manage? Well managing them individually is tough job. Simple help desk software makes it easy for you.

There is a software called help desk software. A simple help desk software allows a company to run their customer service or even employee management soothingly.

What is a help desk software?

A simple help desk sofware is a basic needs for a company no matter the company is big or small. A good help desk sofware can help a company to better organise their staff and services or to provide a good customer service. It’s a centratised software that handles end user quires, services and others.

A customer can contact a company via different means. They can contact though e-mail, chat, sms, calls etc. Replying them individually and manually is a time consuming and less productive job. Here comes the simple help desk software. Using help desk software a company can communicate productively and efficiently with their consumers. They can provide a good end-user experience to the consumers.

Types of simple help desk software

There are many different types of help desk Software in the market. Those software can also be divided into many types: online based, offline based, On-premise, Enterprise-grade and Open-source.

My favourite is web based one because of its wide range of features. Management software is a type of help desk software used for staff management program.

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Like wise, many simple help desk software are used for controlling end user experience. Some are used for business performance management and so on. You can read this article to know more about different types of this software.

Features of simple help desk software

Help desk software comes with a tons of features. It comes with many features like ticketing, routing, auto response etc. A modern help desk solution must have some key features. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Automated response to query
  • Management of Service Level Arrangement (SLA)
  • Ticketing managements.
  • Multiple channel support
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Mobile app support.

I have discussed about must have features for a simple help desk software in another post. Read that article to chose your right helpdesk solution.

Help desk software reviews

Depending on the type of software you need, there ia a wide range of help desk out there. For small businesses I recommend you. Whearus FreshService is better for IT service and Hubspot for CRM. To know more about what helpdesk Software you need I posted article for each catagory software each. You can also read that here.

Final Thought

Help desk software varies for number of reason. Depending on you use case scenario you can choose the type of help desk you want. But I would recommend you to go with a cheap one, just in case you have little knowledge about the software. When you gets used to you with the software you’ll be able to choose your wanted software by yourself. Also I would recommend you buying helpdesk software which is web based and have mobile app support to keep you updated on the go. You can read cheap crm software Australia here.

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