What are the dissimilarities between Spotify free vs premium | Spotify reviewed

Spotify is one of the tremendous music streaming services in the market. It offers many features to its customers, which is one of the main reasons for their success. In today’s topic I’ll try to cover up the Spotify free vs premium plan, is it worth paying for Spotify premium!

What is a music streaming service?

Before diving into music streaming services let me know if finding someone who doesn’t love music is easy! Almost everyone loves music. Previously people used to download their favorite music and listen to them. But the has changed. Now people can listen to music online without even downloading them. That leads us to the music streaming services.

A music streaming service is an online-based music platform, where artists from all around the globe, upload their music, and audiences from around the globe listen to the music. A user pays a monthly subscription to stay connected to the service.

Music streaming vs buying music

So you might hear about iTunes. It’s a service by Apple, where an artist sells their music and listener buys the music and keeps it to them forever. This liturgy is buying music service. Google also has the same service known to be Google play music. On the other hand music streaming service is like a rental service where you can have access to all the music available on that platform until your subscription is over.

So which one is better? Well speaking of buying music, you have to buy all your favorite song one by one. But in streaming service with just paying few dollars a month, you can access millions of music. And that is the reason Google and Apple now switched to music streaming services like Youtube Music and Apple Music respectively. Now let’s talk about Spotify.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is one of the best music and podcast streaming service around the world. It lets you listen to music freely. A premium plan is also available in Spotify which is superior in features compared to the free plan. I don’t want to elaborate on the topic of speaking about Spotify, because I believe you all know about it.

Why is Spotify so popular?

Have you heard about bits? Just in case you don’t know a bit, it’s a music system manufacturing company widely popular among westerners and celebrities. They make very good earphones these days under the big umbrella of Apple. Now you might think the topic was supposed to be about the popularity of Spotify. But why I’m giving information about bits?

This is because Spotify and bits are the very few companies that adopted the idea of music streaming services. Bits had Bit music, a streaming service and Spotify was running Spotify music. Once the Bits were bought by Apple, Spotify music became competition-free. As a result, they thrived so fast.

They are now so much popular than they used to have. Millions of monthly users and billion monthly playbacks. They even offered a job to the ex-president of the USA, Barak Obama, after his retirement as president. Eventually, he rejected the job but that gave them media coverage helping them to grow more.

Another deal-breaking feature that they support is 15-day Spotify access in a Spotify unavailable area. It means if you’re traveling in a country where Spotify isn’t available, you’ll be able to use it for 15 days sharp without any hassle.

Spotify free vs premium plan comparison

The main source of income of any streaming service is subscriptions that their user made. So they purposefully built their services in such a way that users have to buy subscriptions. Their free plan is just a trap for the consumers. Many streaming services like Apple music don’t even have free plans.

The same scenario is witnessing in the case of Spotify as well. The free plan of Spotify doesn’t have many things to offer. On contrary, the premium plan offers much more than its competition. So let’s move to the main topic of Spotify free vs premium plan. So let’s talk about Spotify free version first.

The free plan of Spotify

Spotify supports a free plan with very limited features. You will have access to almost everything on your account. But you’ll not have full control over them. Like you will not be able to download music and many more, which I’ll cover in a bit. Apart from its limitation, it also offers you many good features like connecting to local or online devices that you have. I recommend you going with a free plan of Spotify before going with premium plans.

What does Spotify free include?

With Spotify free, you will have access to all the songs available on Spotify. But you will not have access to all the features that the service offers. You’ll have access to your music library, explicit and unplayable songs, podcasts, and many more.

Is free Spotify any good?

No. The free version of Spotify isn’t any good. There are a lot of ads included. Almost before every song you play, you will have to listen to boring audio ads. And not to mention you also don’t have control over the playback control. You can’t even your desired music to the point, it will be played in the shuffle.

Let’s say you want to play “StarGazing” by Travis Scott. Spotify will play the song in an automatically shuffled playlist, without playing your desired music instantly. And like I mentioned before, you don’t have any control of playback. So you cannot play music in repeat, repeat only nor skip part of the music or skip fully.

The only place I recommend you using the free plan of Spotify is on your pc. The pc version or web browser version of Spotify is very flexible. It’s not age like the mobile app version. You will get many premium features of Spotify in it, which is free. Like playing music in repeat, repeat only, and even skipping.

Is Spotify free forever?

Yes! Whenever you install the Spotify app or open it in a web browser, it will ask you for login or sign up. Once you log in you will enjoy free features for a lifetime. It doesn’t ask you to add a credit card to enjoy a free plan. But it also offers 3 months free trial for the premium plan.

Spotify Premium

With a subscription fee of $9.99 per month, Spotify offers a 3-month free trial. The free trial of Spotify isn’t free. To avail of it, you’ll need to pay $0.99. But because of how much fewer features you get on Spotify free vs premium, I think you can give it a try.

What are the advantages of Spotify premium?

Unlike the free plan, in Spotify premium, you’ll get the unlimited skipping ability. Also, you can set the music quality to very high. Play any song that you want to listen to. Play in repeat only, repeat and shuffle. You will get a personalized playlist suggestion every week and every day in the premium plan. I’ll tell you about the premium features of Spotify in more detail below.

Side by side Comparison of Spotify free vs premium

Free and premium plans of Spotify have many differences. You’ll not only get more features but also many underrated features like Spotify free vs premium sound quality. Spotify free vs premium sound quality has a difference. The differences are:

Spotify FreeSpotify Premium
Audio Ads.No Ads.
6 skip per hour.Unlimited Skipping.
Lack of playback Control.Full playback control.
Can’t download music or podcasts.Ability to download Music and podcasts.

Is it worth paying for Spotify premium?

Absolutely yes from me! With Spotify, you’ll be connected to millions of songs from thousands of artists around the world. Besides Spotify is available in 65+ countries around the world. you will have your music anywhere you go. So if you can avail of it, I recommend you go with a premium subscription.

Is there anything better than Spotify?

YouTube Music is one of the best alternatives to Spotify. The best thing about YouTube music is, it supports video music directly from the youtube library and sync simultaneously from YouTube. Besides its free version offers have more services than Spotify’s free plan.

Is there any cheap alternative to Spotify?

Deezer and Soundcloud are some of the best cheap alternatives to Spotify. Although the premium plan of all these companies starts at $9.99 per month, the free features of Soundcloud and Deezer are more than Spotify.

The bottom line

Spotify is the finest music and podcast streaming service. I use it mostly to listen to podcasts. For music although, I use Apple Music because of its integration with Apple products. Nevertheless, Spotify offers a good service. If you are planning to upgrade to the premium version, I highly recommend you using it.