Top 3 Recurring Web Hosting Affiliate Program Review

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Many web hosting companies pay handsomely for their Web Hosting Affiliate. But none of them pays as much as these three companies. their recurring commission is best of all. so let us know about these three highest paying web hosting affiliate program.

1. GoDaddy

Commission rate: 100% for the first monthly payment
Region: worldwide
Cookie life: 45 days
Comprehensive moneyback policy: 15 days who else doesn’t hear about GoDaddy a minimum of once? You’re here means you a minimum of heard about it. GoDaddy is exceptionally famous worldwide for its usefulness. Besides providing excellent service, GoDaddy has one of the most straightforward affiliate programs. They supply 100% (almost) per subscription to its affiliate. Not only that, like other web hosting platform members .

GoDaddy also follows a pay per click, i.e, the more services a user buys, the more commission you earn. GoDaddy is the best web hosting affiliate programs in India. If you have got an audience base only then, you’ll be able to work with GoDaddy also try avoiding misleading content like hatred, racism, adultery, etc. If you check the GoDaddy affiliate program review on the web, you will find out they reject applicants who haven’t got a distinct segment site.

2. Kinsta

Commission rate: $30-$500 per join up + 10% revenue share
Region: worldwide
Moneyback policy: 30 days
Cookie life: 60 days
The fast, secure, reliable, and one of the most effective hosting services out there’s Kinsta. It had been founded in 2013 by a WordPress veteran. Kinsta’s affiliate program can pay you up to $500 as commission for one referral. Not only that, you’ll get a tenth revenue share anytime, but your references also renew their services. So it may be a lifetime earning source for you.
Moreover, Kinsta encompasses a real-time tracking service, which suggests you do not have to depend upon third party service. Also, the Kinsta dashboard shows your total referral page view, new referral subscription, etc. And with 60 days cookie life, you’ll get a commission if referral subscribes within the time.

3. a2 Hosting

Commission rate: $85-$140
Region: worldwide
Cookie life: 90 days
Moneyback policy: 30 days
If you are a blogger and you write about web hosting, web development, etc. looking for monetizing your site with an affiliate program, then a2 hosting affiliate program is for you. They not only give you a commission, but they also have a second-tier commission system.
In this system, if you refer someone to joining a2 hosting affiliate, you’ll receive $5 each time they get a commission for their affiliate referral. They pay via PayPal every 15th of the month. They have a 15 days money return policy, which is fair enough. But their cookie policy of 90 days is a perfect option for working with them.

How to promote hosting affiliate

Promoting affiliate is extremely easy. You’ll be able to generate a banner from the hosting site and put it on your webs. Otherwise is, you can even provide a direct affiliate link. You’ll be able to make your promotion to social media with eye-catching thumbnail or photo. Also, while reviewing a hosing on your site, confirm you do not make it spammy. Make it ok so that people buy the merchandise from your referral.